XMas, jFokus and OSGi

Christmas time is closing in. No stress there as I already have the necessary presents covered, that is; to my sister's kids. Well, and yes - my lovely wife will also get a present or two.

This year it is a rather long period off during Christmas for most people. Myself, I plan to take five days of vacation and get two full weeks of laziness. Well, not really, I have to prepare two presentations for jFokus planned for end of January 2008. Firstly, I will be co-speaking at Christer Larsson's OSGi-tutorial the first day. Christer is heading a company called Makevawe which is behind the famous Knoplerfish implementation of the OSGi R4 spec. The other speaker is Joakim Eriksson, researcher at SICS, where he works with wireless sensor networks. The entire tutorial is three hours long and we will work with the material during the festive season ...

The second day of the conference there a several presentations scheduled. Attendees also has some food for thought during lunch time as well; there will be twenty minute short lectures for those who have a short lunch break. During one of those slots I am scheduled to talk about the possibility to make and use a Java API for GNU Radio. So, more work for the weeks to come ...


Bee movie

Just got see a preview of the new movie created by Jerry Seinfeld; Bee Movie. Great fun!
But, bee keepers are not displayed as the ones with the bees' best in mind. Myself, I am a bee keeper and was just a little taken aback by this. Well, it is a very fun movie even though there are some facts not really in line with common knowledge regarding bees. One thing; bees are really good at flying, the movie says they aren't. However, bumble bees are the ones not aware of the fact that they cannot fly according to human science. There are a few more items I could complain about but does not really add anything significant. Instead ...
Go see the move! It is great fun!