Trouble running JDK 1.6 with JNI and Eclipse

I recently downloaded and installed the relase version of JDK 1.6 that came the otehr week or so. Installing it went jsut fine. But when I try it out on some platform dependet code that works fine udner 1.5 it fails. The plan is to figure out what has gonme wrong, what difference there is in that aprticular portion of JNI that causes the failure. I'll report back here as soon as I have something.

Further, there also seems to be a problem running Eclipse (3.1.2) on 1.6. When switching JRE it never concludes building the workspace and thus it is not possible to launch a debugger. This occurs on Windows. To drill down into this matter is also the plan for what remain of this week, and beginning next year. Anybody else who has come across similar problems?


The contenders, Eclipse and NetBeans

I usually work alot with Eclipse. I've started developing with Eclispe 3.2 on top of Java 1.6 (Mustang). Found some issues with some platform dependent code produced lately, but I'll get that sorted out eventually as the current project gets along.

Actually I started out with NetBeans but quite early on we started using Eclipse for, at that time obvious reasons. Eclipse has taken alot of ground from that point in time, a few years back. But lately NetBeans has been gaining some attention. Found this map over NB downloads intersting. Seemingly the Western hemisphere and Japan dominates. I think I can see some purple spots around San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, considering the noise the Brazilians are capable of during JavaOne there should be more dots around that area ...

My interest in Eclipse has centered around devloping so calles plugins for the platform. I am currently on an assignment developing the IDE for a major telecommunictaions corporation in Sweden. The IDE under development is based on Eclipse.

But, as NetBeans seems to be making a come back of some kind, I've also started looking into picking up producing what they, the NetBeans-team, refer to as modules. There is an intersting article on the subject of making plugins, modules, work across both platforms. There is also JSR-198 defining a common API for plug-ins to work across IDE:s. The specification seems to be ready, just have to download and read it. But the big pro for Eclipse, according to myself, is the fact that Eclipse is based on (since 3.1) and makes use of OSGi. I think standards works best in the long run.

Christmas, Jfokus and JavaOne

Time to translate the abstract to my presentation at jfokus. I.e. I submitted an English version just to get it in place asap. Well, they, the planning comitee, would like to have it in Swedish as it is an almost all Swedish conference, with a few (not so few!) international speakers. Quite impressing suite of speakers actually. Check out the site and if you have the possibility to attend; register yourself, I do not think you will be dissapointed.

Anyhow, we are closing in on Christmas and all the acticvites that implies. One such occasion showed itself yesteraday after work. All conssultants at Ciber in Stockholm where acalled to the office for a nice gathering; trying out various kinds of "glögg", mulled wine, a Christmas smorgasbord and a present for each end every one. I wont reveal what it is until after the festive season as some of us will open their present on Christmas eve and we would like to avoid spoilers, don't we.

The Call for Papers for JavaOne has closed now. We, a few collegues and myself, managed to get six papers submitted. Hopefully one or maybe two of these might get accepted. If so we have a lot of work to do, but that can be seen as a "positive problem". If one gets accepted to speak at JavaOne one happily spends a great deal of effort to produce a good presentation. It is demanding but great fun too!


This the very fist entry in my newly created blog. Here I'll post my findings and thoughts about researching Java and related technologies. Well, related technologies inclused not only cool things like Jini, useful things like OSGi (quite cool too), but also other programming languages; Ruby and JRuby in particular, Io and the upcoming meta language Morph.

Speaking, writing, about OSGi; during JavaOne 2006 a collegue of mine, Anders, and myself held a presentation about Eclipse and OSGi and how to makes use of these. I have found that OSGi proves to be a very interseting technology that solves alot of problems. And, it has been around for some time. The next step is to take it into the POJO universe. It is well on its way by the introduction iof some intersting open source initiatives like Newton. Which has Spring like properties.

Who inspired me to start this blog thing? I'll thank Ove for this insight. He has been blogging for quite some time now. You can read his blog here - alot of intersting stuff about Java ME and a little about karate ...

Well, this was my first entry in this newly created blog. Comments anybody? Please feel free.