Christmas, Jfokus and JavaOne

Time to translate the abstract to my presentation at jfokus. I.e. I submitted an English version just to get it in place asap. Well, they, the planning comitee, would like to have it in Swedish as it is an almost all Swedish conference, with a few (not so few!) international speakers. Quite impressing suite of speakers actually. Check out the site and if you have the possibility to attend; register yourself, I do not think you will be dissapointed.

Anyhow, we are closing in on Christmas and all the acticvites that implies. One such occasion showed itself yesteraday after work. All conssultants at Ciber in Stockholm where acalled to the office for a nice gathering; trying out various kinds of "glögg", mulled wine, a Christmas smorgasbord and a present for each end every one. I wont reveal what it is until after the festive season as some of us will open their present on Christmas eve and we would like to avoid spoilers, don't we.

The Call for Papers for JavaOne has closed now. We, a few collegues and myself, managed to get six papers submitted. Hopefully one or maybe two of these might get accepted. If so we have a lot of work to do, but that can be seen as a "positive problem". If one gets accepted to speak at JavaOne one happily spends a great deal of effort to produce a good presentation. It is demanding but great fun too!

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TeNGiL said...

Hi Rob! Hope to see you as a speaker at next JavaOne! I would like to go, but u know how family life is...

Keep up the good work!