This the very fist entry in my newly created blog. Here I'll post my findings and thoughts about researching Java and related technologies. Well, related technologies inclused not only cool things like Jini, useful things like OSGi (quite cool too), but also other programming languages; Ruby and JRuby in particular, Io and the upcoming meta language Morph.

Speaking, writing, about OSGi; during JavaOne 2006 a collegue of mine, Anders, and myself held a presentation about Eclipse and OSGi and how to makes use of these. I have found that OSGi proves to be a very interseting technology that solves alot of problems. And, it has been around for some time. The next step is to take it into the POJO universe. It is well on its way by the introduction iof some intersting open source initiatives like Newton. Which has Spring like properties.

Who inspired me to start this blog thing? I'll thank Ove for this insight. He has been blogging for quite some time now. You can read his blog here - alot of intersting stuff about Java ME and a little about karate ...

Well, this was my first entry in this newly created blog. Comments anybody? Please feel free.

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