Added another link to the list, well added a new language ...

I just added a link to the list of links. Why bother writing a posting about that? The reason for drawing a little bit more attention than expected from such an event is the fact that it is not related at all to Java, yet. It is a link to a very nice programming language; Io. Small, prototype based and dynamic. It could prove to be a nice candidate for a JSR-223 compatible implementation, eventually, time permitting. Especially when the JVM gets its new invokedynamic instruction. There is a blogentry, by Debasish Ghosh, that has some intersting reading about these intersting matters on his blog, Ruminations of a programmer.

If you are in the business of creating language of your own, you have probably already cecked out ANTLR. It is a powerful utility for creating a parser for your language of choice. I'll post some of my experiments here when I get around to do so (some work in progress is propriatary - owned by my customer - and cannot be posted in public). I did a grammar for Io using ANTLR, but I had to give up the rest of the implementation some time ago as I moved into the current project, which takes up much of my time. As the overtime is coming down to normal levels, I'll pick it up again.

I've started some preparations for the upcoming Jfokus conference here in Kista, Stockholm. My little talk will be a introductory presentation of OSGi. I'll post the material here after the conference, i.e. after the 30:th of January when this venue takes place.

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