JavaOne 2007

This year's conference I'll relax and enjoy as many interesting presentations as possible. Myself, and some friends and collegues, submitted a number of papers. As I had a BOF last year I would appereciate holding another this year. Despite the effort required, it is quite fun presenting at a venue as JavaOne. You tend to meet numerous intersting people with bright ideas.

Anyhow, the relax part; none of the submissions this year was accepted. Thus there will be no repesnting this year, less effort as well, but none the less, it will be great fun. Last year I missed a few talks due to some admin around the BOF we, Anders - a friend and collegue who also was co-speaker, held.

After registering I got the usual prompt for adding myself to the Event Connect tool. I do have an account there, but as I've lost my password, I had to re-register - with a new account name (!). Anyhow, this time I've started a OSGi gathering group, so if you would like to meet and discuss OSGi during JavaOne, sign for the "OSGi at JavaOne" group. Just follow the link and you should end up in the group's homepage.

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