Opinions are the cheapest commodities

Anybody can have an opinion about just anything, and almost everybody has. Well, it is easy to have an opinion about just anything, it is the cheapest commodity in the world. Why is it so cheap? Well, it is very often preconceived, i.e. somebody else has already thought of it. Actually, most people who do have an opinion very very often has never been in touch or used what they are opinionated about. This is quite true when it comes to technology, and Java in particular - for some reason there is still some FUD lurking. People with an opinion, often negative, about Java does not know much about it. They seem to feel strongly against something they do not grasp, or whatever (something unknown?). Those who do know something about Java, just do things and get along.

So, what is the conclusion? Opinions are not based on facts as knowledge is. Find out the facts first then decide.

Where does this "cheap commodity" thing really come from? Well, I think it comes from the fact that a majority of the population very often is not thinking (I've heard a figure of 97%!) but rely on preconceived impressions. We seemingly go along with our lives on auto pilot.

So, find out the facts for your self. Listen to others - facts they reveal, and then make up your mind based on the facts discovered, and maybe most importantly; ask questions!

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