JavaOne call for papers & Christmas Ales

If you haven't noticed, the JavaOne call for papers opened November 19:th. It closes on December 19:th, so hurry up submitting those great ideas of yours! Myself, and some collegues, has so far come up with a couple. We'll see if the content team likes any of them.

Anyhow; it is during this time of year, the season, when the Christmas Ales show up. Actually, chistmas beers and ales are also released on the 19:th of November. Coincidence ..?..
Went out today and got myself a couple of nice ones, like Corsendonk Christmas Ale (having one while writing this post), Jämtlands Julöl (from northern Sweden - really good!), Tokens Julfröjd (from a microbrewery on Öland) and, of course, N'ice Chouffe - one of the best. Unfortunately the liquor store does not carry Gouden Carolous Chistmas any more, the very best one in my opnion.

While at JavaOne, don't miss Thirsty Bear, brewing their own beers and serving Spanish tapas (!).

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