Want to get somewhere in life?

I am really amazed by how confused people get when I tell about my goal in life. Especially when they start to ask how. And, why I am not financially focused, a great deal of people seems to be aimed at acquiring as much monetary funds as possible. Well, nothing wrong in getting large amounts of money, on the contrary, I wouldn't say no to it.

But, as great many seems to believe they will be happy once they earn their first million, or so. The big new for those folks; there is no happiness in money, it will make you comfortable though.

What you have to do; you have to make up your mind of what you want. I'll repeat that: You have to make a decision of What You Want! Not what somebody else wants you to want, but what You really want. It can be anything, as long as it is important to you; may it be large amounts of money, may it be a new car, a certain position at your company, a relationship, the apartment/house you are looking for, more time on your hands, a trip to somewhere you've always wanted to go, write that book, start painting, writing music, etc.

But, how do I know what I want? If you do not have a clear picture, start to think about, dream about, use you imagination. If you encounter something that really fires you up - well, there you have it! Apparently that is something that stirs your emotions! That is important, it is much easier to set your goal if you feel strongly about it.

Now, when you know what you want - make a decision; when will yo acquire this of our desire? Do not worry about how. It will come you.

If you think about our goal, often, you are sort of re-programming your sub-conscious, i.e. you will both, eventually, consciously and unconsciously work toward your goal. Sounds simple enough? Well, keep in mind that things take time, you will achieve your goal - you have to make many small, and sometimes big, steps every day. The important thing here is to:

1. Make a decision on what you want
2. Once decided, start at once working towards it
3. Each and every day you will achieve something taking you closer to your goal
4. Never ever ever give up! You will run into hurdles, success is measured by how you handle them

... remember, winners learn from mistakes, hurdles, and then moves on. Losers, they just give up as soon as they run into trouble.

P.S. You might ask: Is this somehow related to computers? The answer is: Yes! Very much so! By repeatedly trying out new ways of solving a problem the computer will eventually "give up". We humans as more persistent and smarter than our machines. Well, at least for now ...

P.P.S There is no problem that can withstand the accumulated assault of sustained Thinking!

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