CommunityOne and JavaOne 2008

At last! The Conference we've been waiting for has started. Rather, the pre-conference CommunityOne started today at Moscone in San Francisco. I just picked up the complimentary T-shirt and had a lunch sandwich. So I'm good!

There are more people coming to this pre-event this year than the previous, 50% more according to Ian Murdock, Sun, who started off the key note. Emphasis is on open source, sharing, i.e. we are moving away from monoliths towards modular architectures. It is also about building communities and keeping those communities active and passionate about the software and technology. But, the community also encompasses users, they actually form the bulk of the community. So, it is not only about code; documentation, tests, etc. are equally important - isn't rather irritating that undocumented (javadoc) part you so dearly want to use?

Anyhow, maybe not that big news, we have heard much about openness on previous events. I think the emphasis on community building is rather new and fresh. We need to get together more and create great software by sharing... what do you think?

P.S. I'll be posting more here during the conference week whenever I do get an opportunity. Maybe I'll manage to get some pictures up here as well. I'll keep you posted....

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