Last day of JavaOne 2008

The last keynote of the conference is usually the one stuffed with most of the cool and fun stuff. And, Mr. Cool Stuff himself, James Gosling, did not dissapoint this year either. Numerous cool gadgets and awesome equipment all connected to Java somehow. I will sum the conference together with Ove as last year. Unfortunately I'll have to do that when I am back home. The cause, it is explained in next paragraph.

As every other year place is being torn down prematurely; they have already removed a number of Sun Ray terminals here at Moscone. This is a bit of a disappointment. The conference is not over yet. As John Gage said at key note; "there are nine hours left to go, many more sessions". This also makes it harder to find a free terminal after the last session so I'm not connected to the Internet once the conference is over (which might before the last session ends!).

Overall it has been a great conference. No doubt about that! A fuller report from JavaOne 2008 will soon follow. Until next week - stay tuned!

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