It's all about decisions

Yes, really. One has to decide, firmly, in order to get moving. Too many projects has failed prior to beginning as the people involved has gotten bogged down in debates (not discussions) on how to get moving, goals, how to reach the goals, etc. Well, these debates often degenerated into a debate on terminology. And, leading nowhere and everything is delayed further ...

The decision should focus on what is actually at hand, not what can be (in near future or far away into it). What goals we should have and so on and so forth is the next step.

After a while it very often becomes clear that a new decision has to be taken, we simply know more now and things have changed - they always do, change. Nothing is constant but change. So a new decision has to be taken, effectuating it is often called refactoring. Gain knowledge by doing; you have to try things.

When there is really to much to do, you are stressed and your boss is more nagging than usual - take the courageous decision to do nothing. Really, take a step back and ponder on the situation. Find out what is the most crucial, single most important item, to get done now. Then focus on that! The main thing about the main thing is to find out the main thing about the main thing.

So, knowing the above; can we now decide to take firm decisions from now on and get things going? Lets try things, not debate over what is wrong and not? The world will be a better place with more resolute people around.

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