Report from JavaOne 2008

Tomorrow, we wil report from JavaOne 2008 at JavAForum Stockholm. I do not want to reveal to much yet. But, I can say this much that JavaFX has been developed since the announcement made last year, Glassfish has become modulerized and has a very low footprint, Blue Ray won the battle of the formats - Niel Young appeared in the first keynote and gave Java credit. He now has the the tools to do what he wanted to do 20 years ago... an interactive record of his entire music production (!).
There is a lot of interesting things happening in the mobility field. Check out Ove's as he covers the area very well.
Contents of Java SE 7? Well, it has not been determined yet; there is still some debate, especially in the Java modules area - JSR-277 & -294 vs. OSGi (JSR-291). Also, will there be closures or not. Which lead to functions types, maybe? Well, SE 7 is slated for release next summer. So lets see what happens at JavaOne next year.

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